Goodbye You Decide 2011, hello You Decide 2012

09 Nov

I have been in the news business for nearly 15 years ( I started when I was 19.) Over the years, I have covered dozens of elections, but each one is always different. Our business is constantly changing. Gone are the days when media would gather at various board of elections offices and wait for someone to hand us the latest results on a sheet of paper. Viewers would also have to wait until the late news to find out election results. Fast forward to last night.. As the E.P. of our 10, web and mobile I am constantly making decisions based on the time, platform (mobile, web, newscast) and information coming into the newsroom.
Managing multiple platforms changes the way you cover big events, especially elections. Instead of just focusing on the newscast, on election night my first priority is mobile. Polls close at 730 and users on the go want results now.
While checking mobile, I am also going over web, making sure we have the latest results and are ahead of the competition.
Don’t get me wrong, the newscast is also very important, but it is just a different way of thinking.
Get your users results faster and on multiple platforms first. I know we have one chance to make an impression that we are the place to be on election night. It is truly amazing to see where we have come over the past several years. The changes in technology push me to think differently on how we produce content. It is a gratifying experience knowing if I can get users on one platform, I can push them to our others.
I know next November will bring a whole new set of challenges, new technology and methods on how we produce our results, but I am ready. In fact, we have already moved on from last night’s elections and are gearing up for 2012! Bring it on.

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