In a Huff Over a Hug

08 Nov
In a Huff Over a Hug

What is so wrong with giving a hug? I found out today that my 1st grader got in trouble for being affectionate at school.

Last week, Madison’s elementary school showed a movie in the morning for the entire building.  This gives teachers the chance to finish their grades for report cards.

Apparently while kids were filing into the media room, Maddy hugged a student who had returned to school after being out for nearly two weeks.

The student  is in her class and they sit next to each other daily.  When she saw him walk into the media room, she hugged him.

A teacher witnessed this and immediately made Madison go to the back of the room to watch the movie alone.

I understand everyone has their personal space and that some might find hugging to be offensive, but she was just genuinely happy to have her friend back in school. Anyone who meets Madison can tell immediately she is an affectionate child.

I have tried to teach her that when in school, she needs to be more reserved because touching others is not acceptable. On the other hand, is it so bad to extend a hug to a friend?

Maybe I am to blame. Our family is extremely affectionate. We are always hugging each other.

I don’t want this to change the person Madison is. She is ashamed and feels she did something horribly wrong.

My husband and I explained to her,  it is not wrong to hug friend. There are just different rules at school.

What are your thoughts?  Would you be upset if your child hugged or was hugged at school?





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